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Top 10 Tips for Growing Long, Healthy Hair

As some of you might know, at the beginning of the year I did a big ol' chop-a-roo on my hair and we are now on the journey of growing it out.

This post is also in honor of my clients that say, "my hair won't grow!"

So, here are my top 10 tips on how to grow out long, healthy hair:

  1. HYDRATE! The health of your skin, scalp, nails, hair, body, etc. all depend on you fueling your body with an ample amount of water.

  2. Eat healthy foods. Again, the overall health of your body shows through your hair, skin, etc. You have to give your body the proper nutrition if you expect positive results.

  3. Take vitamins. Consult with your doctor on what vitamins would be good for you specifically. Also know that certain medications can effect hair growth or the overall health of your hair in a negative way.

  4. Brush your hair. This might seem silly, but even I don't brush my hair everyday, although I should! Brushing your hair stimulates your scalp which helps with growth. It also helps to distribute the natural oils your scalp produces throughout your hair. Your ends need hydration the most, so brushing your hair is going to help your hair to be healthy by distributing the oil to the ends and help it to look shiny. Favorite hair brush.

  5. Scalp massage. On top of brushing your hair every day, make sure you are giving yourself a really good scalp massage when you wash your hair. Remember, stimulating the scalp encourages growth. You can also give yourself a scalp massage with growth products which I have linked below.

  6. Use clean, professional hair products that help with hair growth. My favorite hair products and suggested hair growth products. Do a hair mask at home at least once in between your salon visits, especially for those of you that color your hair. My favorite hair masks.

  7. Turn down the heat on your hot tools, or use less hot tools overall. Keep your hot tools under 360 degrees. Get creative with your heatless hairstyles, I love braids! My favorite hot tools.

  8. Sleep with your hair down or in a loose braid. If you are sleeping with your hair up, you are causing breakage in your hair, especially in your front hair line. Also, try not to wear your hair up everyday, at least not with styles that cause a lot of tension on your hair. On the subject of sleep, sleeping on a silk pillow case is the best surface for your hair. It cuts down on breakage, dry hair and frizz. Do not go to sleep with wet hair! It can lead to fungal infections, thinning and balding, breakage, frizz, itchiness and dandruff.

  9. Color your hair less. Some of you are like WHHAAATT?! If you are on a journey to growing longer, healthier hair, have a talk with your hair stylist, or me if you want to come see me in the salon on how you can maintain your hair color in a healthier way. This mostly applies to those of you that are highlighting your hair often. Learn more about coming to see me in the salon!

  10. Get consistent with your hair cuts. I know, that seems counter productive. If you are not cutting your hair often enough, your split ends are working their way up your hair and breaking your hair off, this is part of why it feels like your hair never grows. Recommended Haircutting Schedule

Short Haircuts: 4-6 weeks (to keep the shape)

Blonde/Highlighted Hair: 6-8 weeks

Colored Hair & Virgin Hair 8-12 weeks

BONUS TIP: Cut out the stress in your life. Easier said than done, am I right? Stress can have a direct effect on the growth and health of your hair (among many other things). Take care of yourself, my friend! Eliminate the stresses that you can.

If you're already doing all of these things, like really putting in your best effort doing them, and you still aren't seeing hair growth, it might be time to try temporary hair extensions to give yourself a little boost of long hair happiness. I wore my 22" hair extensions out in Vegas this past weekend and I think I told William 100 times that night that I loved my long, fake hair - haha! It made me so incredibly happy to have long hair. It's the little things, folks! Learn more about the hair extensions I carry.

I hope this list helps you in your healthy hair growing journey!

Thank you for shopping my links! These are links that I do get a commission through. I always share my honest opinion and share products that I do personally love. We're in the trust circle here.


Jodi Snowden

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