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Bridal Trade

Bridal Trade was created to empower bridal beauty professionals with their skillset and mindset to take action and make a real impact for themselves and their clients. 

Bridal Trade is a step-by-step guide book that you can work through in your own time to book more dream brides and create systems in your business that will save you time so you can live your best life!


Bridal Trade is for...

Bridal beauty professionals who are feeling the overwhelm of all that goes into running a business.

Those who are ready to put in the work. Nothing great comes easy, but with Bridal Trade it gets easier with the strategies shared that you can implement into your business.

An artist just starting out in the industry who wants to build the bridal business they have been dreaming of.

By the end of this guide book you will have...


Dream Bride Profile

A deeper understanding of who you are trying to work with and how you attract those dream brides to your business.


Systems in Your Business

Do you feel like you're constantly answering emails? Let's build systems and automations in your business to save you time on the "back end" so you can focus more on what you love doing (hair and/or makeup).


Marketing Strategies

Are you wondering how you end up on preferred vendor lists? The ones that are feeding referrals to your business. Look no further! Inside of the Bridal Trade Guide Book I am sharing proven strategies on how to connect with the right vendors for you.

& so much more!

most importantly...

you'll gain confidence in charging the appropriate amount for your services, saying "no" to projects that aren't a good fit for you and create a business that has boundaries and structure giving you the freedom to have a life outside of running a business!

Our Clients Say

Implementing the lessons from Bridal Trade helped Ruby get qualified for "Best of Weddings"with The Knot & Wedding Wire in less than a week!

Ruby C.


...and so much more!

We're just scratching the surface on what is included in the Bridal Trade guide book.



I wrote a book specifically for those who run a bridal team or are interested in getting one started!

I can't wait to welcome you into the community and cheer you on in your growth journey to building a successful bridal beauty business!

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