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Scalp Care. Shampoo. Conditioner.

Are you caring for your hair correctly? You may be surprised! Keep reading to learn more about proper hair care...

There are two basic requirements for a healthy scalp, cleanliness and stimulation.

Hair brushing stimulates blood circulation on the scalp, helps remove dust, dirt, product build up and gives shine.

The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse the hair (which is pretty obvious). When washing your hair, make sure to focus the shampoo on your scalp. Excessive shampooing strips the hair of its protective oil. Be sure to use the proper shampoo for your hair type - color treated, fine, coarse, oily, dry or normal. If you need assistance finding the correct products for your hair, feel free to contact me. Using the right home-care products can make all the difference in how your hair looks, feels and behaves. Using the wrong products can make a haircut look bad or affect a color service.

Conditioner is a special chemical agent that deposits protein or moisture to help restore hair's strength, to give hair body and protect hair against breakage. Conditioner can restore lustre, shine, manageability and strength. Concentrate conditioner on the ends of your hair. Because of frequent shampooing, use of thermal/hot tools, and chemical services, conditioning is a must if you care about your hair. Most conditioners contain silicone along with humectant substances that absorb or promote the retention of moisture. Silicone reflects light and makes hair appear shiny.

I hope all of you are using professional products at home. Most professional products are highly concentrated so less is more.

Comment below if you learned something new by reading this blog.

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