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Top 7 Favorite Temecula Wineries

Updated: Jan 26

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I would share 7 of my favorite Temecula wineries to visit.

There's a few things I look for in a winery...

#1 A place to sit.Yes, some of the wineries have no where to sit and it's so frustrating (cough, cough South Coast...don't go there).

#2 Good customer service. I have to say I was highly disappointed with the customer service at Weins and Doffo. Will probably never go back.

#3 FOOD. I eat about every two hours. I eat about every 15 minutes when I'm drinking. Y'all better have food up in your business if you want me to come back.

#4 Good wine. To be honest, most of the wineries wines taste the same to me, and after a glass or two they REALLY start to taste the same LOL!

I'm a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir & Malbec. Smooth, dry reds. I will also drink Sauvignon Blanc from time to time.

So here we go with some of my favorites...

#1 Lorimar Winery

I love that they stay open late and have night time entertainment. Their wine is good and I love their shrimp pasta! Their charcuterie board is also legit!

(Pretty sure I finished this bottle myself. I need more friends to wine hop with lol!)

#2 Leoness Cellars

Ample amount of seating. Great food, great wine and a picturesque property.

(This was post quarantine. I was so happy to be out without a mask!)

#3 Peltzer Winery

Especially around Fall. Another winery that always has entertainment or something going on. This one is family friendly. They could definitely amp up the amount of seating and the amount of bathrooms. For food, it's food trucks - EH. They have great wines.

#4 Mount Palomar

I've done tons of weddings at this one (well, I've done tons of weddings at all of them-haha!). Such a gorgeous venue because you're up on a hill (hence the name). Their Cab Sav is DELICIOUS! Probably my favorite I've ever had, at least that I can remember. They had pretty good food. Lots of different areas you can sit in.

#5 Robert Renzoni

Feels like true Italian vibes. Loved their Cab Sav. Go to grab a pizza and a bottle of wine, so fun! When we were there they had live music. Definitely created a fun yet relaxing ambiance.

(Mom and I having a fantastic time at Robert Renzoni's)

#6 Akash

Akash is more of a modern winery. It reminds me of Altisima which is a newer, modern winery. Altisima is GORGEOUS, but I have only been there for a photoshoot so I will have to report back on the overall experience. Back to Akash...Decent amount of seating. I don't think I tried their food. The wine was good. I like it most for the ambiance and scenery.

I actually did the hair and makeup for the first styled shoot in 2017 for Akash before it opened to the public. Feels like a lifetime ago!

#7 Avensole

They have a fun wine tower for their tastings. It's a really pretty property! Easy going vibe, pretty sure you can bring kids there. Wasn't all that impressed with the food, so stop here for your wine tower and then go to Leoness, Lorimar or Falkner (another one that I like but didn't make the official list) to eat.

Wineries I loved working at that I need to go and do more wine tasting at:

Fazeli Cellars

Callaway Winery


At the top of my list that I've never been to is:

Bottaia (owned by Ponte Winery). You can get a day pass in the summer to the pool at Bottaia, how cool is that?! From the looks of it, it's another newer, more modern winery.

I hope this list helps with your next Temecula winery visit. Please drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive! Get yourself a William (my husband) that will cart your happy butt around.

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