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What's in my hair & makeup kit...

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

For someone just starting out, or even if you're not, building up a full bridal hair and/or makeup kit can be expensive and confusing. We have to carry a lot of different products to accommodate all of the different skin types, skin tones, hair types, etc. There are SO many options when it comes to hair and makeup products, how do you choose?

How did I do it? I built up my working kit while I was in school. I bought a little bit at a time. I stock up at industry shows because they usually have really good offers/specials at the shows.

If I were to give advice to a new artist, or someone building up their kit, I would say just invest in everything you'll need. It will pay off sooner than you think.

As far as deciding which hair and makeup products to carry, you can go off of recommendations. As you work in the industry, you'll learn what you like and don't like.

Alright, let's get to the good stuff. I know you came here to shop direct links.

Let's start with THE ESSENTIALS...

Makeup Chair I have the "tall" version because I am tall. There are different height options.

Side note: don't forget to sign up for your PRO card with Namies and other retailers to get your PRO discount!!

Zucca Bag (small enough to be a carry-on on a plane if needed!)

I use a similar bag to this to store/carry all of my hair products.

I have this light so I can record as I work.

Love it!!

My first time being on-site at a hotel I learned I was going to have to invest in lighting. Hotels have horrible lighting! I've had GLAMCOR lights for 6 years now. I love how easily it breaks down making it very travel friendly.

Another thing that is sometimes lacking when you're working on-site is table space. I travel with this table. Love that it has handles!


Makeup Powder Puffs I use these as a barrier between my hand and the clients face. This helps to not transfer your oils from your hands onto their face. Make sure to buy the ones with the silk strap to give you something to hold on to as you're working. I rarely ever see any other artist doing this. My clients love it and always comment on it.

Beauty Blenders I am SUPER partial to the Original Beauty Blenders. I don't think any other beauty blender on the market compares (and yes, I have tried them all!).

I like to buy things in bulk (at least 8) because I take up to 8 clients/services each day and I don't want to waste time cleaning things in between each client. PLUS, for sanitary reasons, obviously! Every client gets their own tools and everything is deep cleaned and sanitized in between.

Spatula and Palette I own 3 sets and need to order 5 more for efficiency like stated above. Even though, you can clean and sanitize these very quickly.

Eyelash Curler Favorite eyelash curler ever!


I use Costco Kirkland makeup wipes in my kit.

Makeup wipes for touch-up kits.

Tissues for touch-up kits.

Ziploc bags for putting all of your dirty implements into.


Alcohol (for cleaning tools and makeup)

Favorite brush cleaner!

The soap I wash my brushes with.

Clorox Wipes to clean chair, table, etc.

Small Portable Trash Can

Touch-up Kit Supplies:


Laura Mercier primers are my favorite!

MAC Oil Control Primer for oily skin types.

Eye prep: MAC Paint Pots

Shades I keep in my kit: "Painterly" for fair, pink undertone. "Soft Ochre" for fair, yellow undertone and "Layin Low" for medium complexion.

Eyeshadow palettes:

MAC Shadows (I will do a blog post on my favorite MAC shadows in the future.)

Eye liners:

Mascara my favorite is Waterproof in "Blackest Black."


Ardell 110 (Beginner/Natural Lash)

Ardell Demi Wispie (my most popular)

Ardell Wispie (what I wear on myself, a little more glam)

House of Lashes Glue (dries the quickest and the clearest)

My favorite thing to use if my client wants more sparkle on their eyes. My most used shade is "Everyday is Sunshine."


Anastasia of Beverly Hills Pro Brow Palette

Brow Pencils (my popular colors are "Blonde," "Medium Brown" and "Chocolate.")


Studio Fix Fluid (full, matte coverage)

Face and Body (satin finish, sheer coverage)


Tarte Shape Tape Creamy (most used shades: "Light" and "Medium")

MAC (most used shades: NW20, NW 25 and NW 30)

Side note: The majority of my clientele has fair to medium complexion.


RCMA No Color Powder


Benefit (I carry the light and the original)

I also use the MAC powders listed above as bronzers.


Dior Highlight Palette


Drugstore Lip Liner (favorite shades: "Natural" and "Peek-a-boo Natural.")

MAC Lipstick (Too many favorites to list. I'll do a separate blog post with all of my faves.)


Blow Dryer This blow dryer has POWER!

Smoothing Iron this one heats up SO FAST!!

Curling Iron I use 1.5" (for beach waves) and 1" (for short hair clients or clients whose hair doesn't hold curl) the most.

Curling Wand I also use this on clients whose hair does not hold a curl.

Round Brush I love the Olivia Garden round brushes. If I was growing my kit, I would buy this set. Then you have all the sizes you would need for the different hair types.

Hair Clips for pin curls. Small and big.

Set clips Use these if you need to clip hair out of the face but don't want creasing from the clips.

Extension cord this comes in handy when you need to plug in multiple hot tools.

Towels I lay these out on my working station. I also bring an extra(s) for cleaning brushes, tools, etc.

Favorite bobby pins of life!!

I like these hair ties because you can make them work with most hair colors.

I keep black and clear hair elastics in stock. I ALWAYS double up on hair elastics just in case they snap, which does happen.

Hair Donuts

Tackle box for organizing/storing hair accessories.


The hair products I carry in my on-site kit are always rotating. I use a mix of Kenra, Davines, Big Sexy Hair, IGK, etc. I use products that I receive when I go to shows or classes and then I'll fill in the blanks with whatever I want to try next.

If you work in a salon and carry a certain product line in the salon, it's smart to use that same line in your on-site kit so that if a client comments and says "that smells good," (which happens ALL THE TIME) you can create a point of sale with your clients. Hand them the product you just used after they comment on it and tell them all of the benefits of the product. Arrange for product pick up at the salon or ship products to them. Just like in the salon, you should be recommending professional products to your bridal clients as well.

Products I like to stock my kit with:

IGK Good Behavior Heat Protectant

Davines "This is a Blow Dry Primer" for Blowouts

Kenra 13 Medium hold hairspray

Kenra 25 Strong hold hairspray

Kenra Hair wax

Texture spray

Davines Hair oil

Living Proof Humidity shield

Kenra Invisible Top Coat for curly hair or frizz

Know that it will take some time for you to build your bridal kit. I hope all of these links are helpful in the process.

Some of the products are affiliate links. I appreciate when you shop my links as this did take me a very long time to put together for you. These are tools and products that I use and love or want!

Happy Shopping,


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