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Where to eat at Disneyland!

You had me at Mickey shaped treats! Food and snacks at the parks are some of my favorite subjects. I love in recent years how Disney has a lot more featured and specialty food and drinks. Trying all of the different food and drink options adds to the magic and the fun for those of us that are at the parks often.

You've got a lot of options on where to eat when you go to Disneyland. We've tried pretty much everywhere so I'm here to share where to go and what locations you can skip.

Dining reservations open up 60 days in advance. For popular restaurants and ideal times, book early! To avoid waiting in long lines for quick bites, take advantage of mobile ordering on the Disney app.


My favorite thing to do for breakfast is character dining. My two favorites are Plaza Inn and Goofy's Kitchen (pictured below). I like Plaza Inn becuase they have characters that you don't normally see in the park and it's a really cute setting. Plaza Inn is at the end of Main Street on the right hand side. Look for all of the pink umbrellas. Goofy's Kitchen is another good one because it is interactive and fun for the kids. Goofy's Kitchen is at the Disneyland Hotel. Goofy's Kitchen is a buffet while Plaza Inn is your typical sit down, plated dining. Plaza Inn also offers parade viewing dining packages.

If I'm grabbing breakfast fast, I would probably go to Earl of Sandwhich. They do have some fun doughnuts at this location. If it were up to Addison, we would have Beignets Express for breakfast.


Oooooh now we're getting to the good stuff. Lunch and snacks are my jam at the parks!

My first pick for lunch is usually chicken tenders and fries with ranch from Golden Horseshoe. We love it most here because it's usually pretty calm and there is an ample amount of seating inside out of the sun or out of the cold. They also have a pianst that will come out for entertainment. It's fast, it's easy, it's affordable and it's good. At this location they will usually feature a specialty ice cream treat. My favorite ever was the Cookie Butter Churro Sundae. It makes me sad that this is only seaonal because it's the best treat in the park!

My next pick would be a sandwhich and fries from Flo's V8 Cafe. Ramone's Low and Slow Club to be exact. They serve fun shakes and cocktails at this location. One of our favorite's in the past was the seasonal Gingerbread shake around the holidays, it was SO GOOD 10/10 (pictured below)!

For something super quick, affordable and easy, I like to get the bacon mac and cheese cone from Cozy Cone in Cars Land.

We like Splitsville in Downtown Disney. Order a pina colada for me! Their appetizers are huge and perfect for sharing. If you're doing a long Disney stay, you can go bowling here too.

I like to visit the Jolly Holiday in the fall and winter for their grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. A lot of people love the Rasberry Rose Macaron from this locaiton, it's too sweet for me.

Royal Street Veranda in New Orlenas Square for soup in a sourdough bread bowl in the Fall or Winter.

Wine Country Trattoria is one of my faves! Especially if you're having a more relaxed Disney day, pop in here with a friend over some pasta and a glass of wine. This is another location that books up fast.


My go to Disney snack will always be popcorn. Disneyland popcorn is superior to all other popcorn!

My girls go-to is a Disneyland churro (pictured below). Alexis also really loves a pretzel and Addison loves Beignets.

We love to grab ice cream at Ghiradelli's in California Adventure or Gibson Girl on Main Street at Disneyland.

The cookies from Jack-Jack's in Pixar Pier are rich and delectable, definitiely share-able!

A Dole Whip is always a great idea, especially in the summer months. Mobile order or be prepared to wait in a pretty long line. This is a fan favorite!


A cold brew coffee from Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is my favorite little pick-me-up in the park.

I love, love, love getting hot chocolate at the parks around the holidays! You can find different locations sprinkled around the park that serve hot choclate.

If you are a Magic Key Holder, the Magic Key Terrace is a nice place to sit and enjoy a cocktail (pictured below). Their food isn't anything special. They do have fun kids drinks at this locaiton as well.


Carthay Circle Lounge in California Adventure. The food options are kind of odd.

Blue Bayou is a cool setting being that it is inside of Pirate's of the Carribean ride, but again, they serve odd food there. This is one location that it is really hard to get a reservation at. This is one of those try it once to say you've experienced it and then you're good.

A lot of people rave about Lamplight Lounge, especially the Lobster Nachos, but we didn't think the food was that great. They do have fun cocktails and good views from the center of California Adventure.

I have not had a corn dog at Disneyland that I've liked. There are a few different locations to get them, but I haven't had good luck with them. They are usually overly breaded or burnt.

Tried Maurice's Treats in Disneyland and wasn't a fan.

Didn't love Pym Test Kitchen.

Our most recent fail was Centrico, the new Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney. The food had too much flare for me, and that's saying a lot being that I'm pretty adventerous with food. The food was wierd and overall just not good.

Okay, I went over my list and checked it twice so I hope I didn't leave anything out. I'd love if you connected with me and tell me what your favorite food is in the Disneyland Resort parks.

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Cheers my dears,

Jodi Snowden

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