Wedding/Event Beauty Timeline

Here are my tips on when you should do what beauty services leading up to the big day!

6+ Months Before

  • Come up with a haircut & hair color plan with your hairstylist.

3+ Months Before

  • Make a habit of drinking LOTS of water and eating healthy.

  • Get in a good skin care routine (wash your face morning and night & moisturize). (Favorite lip mask)

  • Try to get in a good sleeping routine.

  • Experiment with tanning options for the wedding day. (My favorite: tanning foam & mitt )

1 - 2 Months Before

  • Bridal Preview (trial) with your hair and makeup artist.

  • Get matched for your hair extensions (I carry clip-ins and HALOCOUTURE hair extensions).

  • Ask dentist about teeth whitening options or start the process from home. (My favorite! )

  • Face mask once a week.

  • This is not the time to be testing out new products.

1+ Week Before

  • Hair appointment.

  • Wax/Threading appointment.

  • Dermaplaning and Hydrafacial with your esthetician (test this out earlier if it's your first time).

2+ Days Before

  • Nail Appointment.

  • Tanning routine/appointment (do a really good exfoliation beforehand).

  • Lash extension fill (if you have them).

1 Day Before

  • Wash hair and blowout. Better yet, treat yourself and book an appointment in the salon. (Favorite blowdryer!)

  • Gently exfoliate face and lips.

Morning Of

  • Brush teeth

  • Relax & get pampered!

Happy Wedding Planning,

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