Wedding Skin Prep

Your Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Skin for Wedding Day

Jodi Snowden & Co is teaming up with Brittany Baldridge, licensed esthetician and owner of Blush & Glow Temecula, to share all of our skincare tips leading up to wedding day.

Your wedding day makeup application is only as good as the skin underneath it. It is very important to start skincare early and get into a consistent routine before the big day.

Here are some tips that Brittany sent our way:

6-9 Months Out from the Wedding

Schedule a consultation with an esthetician and pre-book monthly facials leading up to the wedding. If you haven't already, start a twice daily skincare routine catered to the needs of your skin.

3-5 Months Our from the Wedding

This is the time where you can be a little adventurous and schedule peels or other advanced treatments to really tackle skin concerns like acne and scarring.

1 Month Before the Wedding

Get a facial and any botox or injections you'd like to have done for the wedding. Stay consistent with your skincare.

1 Week Before the Wedding

Remove any unwanted facial hair. Get a HydraFacial or a gentle, hydrating facial. Increase your water intake, aim for at least 64 oz. per day. Schedule the hair removal appointment before the facial, do not do them on the same day.

Day Before the Wedding

Gently exfoliate your lips and face for a flawless makeup application. Your esthetician can advise you on which exfoliant is going to be a good fit for you.

Brittany has a private, luxury suite in Temecula. You can visit her site here to learn more about Blush & Glow Temecula, and to book your appointment with her.


Jodi & Brittany

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