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I don't know about you, but I am so excited for all of the goodness that 2020 is about to bring! We're on day 3 of 365, are you living this year with intentions of making it the best year ever? Here are some things that have helped me to live a "healthier" life.

1. Write out your goals, dreams and intentions for not only this year but also a 5-10 year plan as well. When you visualize your life 5 or 10 years out, where do you want to be? This helps with living your life intentionally NOW to plan for that big, bright, beautiful future. Get really specific and detailed about your goals. Write down the things you will need to do to achieve these goals. Take small tasks each day to work on to get you to these goals.

2. Work on your time management and organization. Make a list of things that waste your time and a list of things that are productive. Start cutting out the things that aren't productive and start adding things that will make your life run smoothly. Examples: stop aimlessly scrolling on social media. We all do this and it is a waste of time! It's an endless time warp. Instead, set a timer and don't go over 10 minutes. If you do business on social media, use this time intentionally to get "social" with potential clients. Aimlessly scrolling will not bring you any new business!

3. Physical health. This is so important and if I'm being honest, I really dropped the ball of this last year. Drink more water, eat colorful food, and get moving everyday. Not only is this good for your physical state, but mental state as well. It totally sucks in the beginning and getting into a routine (I'm in this phase right now) but so worth it! It's also better for your skin and hair to be drinking a lot of water and eating healthy foods. Which leads me into my next topic...

4. Self care. You cannot put everyone else's needs before yours. As women, partners, mothers, we tend to do this, A LOT! You can't show up for your family and friends as your best self unless you are filling up your bucket. To fill up your bucket, take time for yourself. You are not selfish for doing so. Take time to do something (small) that you love daily and something (bigger) on a monthly basis. For me, I enjoy getting my mani/pedi done about every two weeks and about once a month I get out of the house to walk my favorite shops (probably more than this haha #shopaholic). On the daily, I wake up early before the girls are up. This gives me some alone time to enjoy my coffee in peace and quiet (haha). I can plan my day and get some work done. This way I don't feel like I'm taking away time from anyone. The morning is MY TIME. So whatever fills your bucket, do more of that. Reading, monthly massage, salon visits, shopping, working out, whatever it may be. I would love to hear in the comments below what fills your bucket. What do you do for you?

5. YOLO (you only live once)! I don't mean this in the way that it is usually thrown around. I mean, make the best out of each day that is given to you. I used to think it was a crock when people would tell me that positivity is a mind set. I, like some others, am not naturally a positive, glass is half full person. I am the "what the heck, my glass is half empty" person. And I do not like that about myself. By surrounding myself with positive everything basically, and by using the above suggestions, I work really hard every day to change my mindset into a positive one. I cut out trash tv, I read and listen to inspirational things, I try and surround myself with outgoing, hard working, positive people. Life is what you make it babes. Make it a good one that you can be proud to look back on.

I would love to hear anything that helps you to make the best out of your day or to reach your goals in the comments below!

CHEERS to a healthy & happy 2020!

XO, Jodi

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