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Bridal Trade

I N N E R   C I R C L E

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Introducing, Bridal Trade Inner Circle!

On select days, Jodi will be offering Bridal Trade Inner Circle where you can receive direct feedback on whatever you are working on in your business.

This is a great option if you feel like you need more than a one-hour one-on-one call, but it's also only a one day commitment, not a drawn out monthly mastermind or annual membership. Fast results in your business!

Let's go over what's included...

What's included...


One Day Access

Connecting with Jodi for a whole day on select days to gain help and feedback on your business.



Do you struggle to stay focused or complete your tasks? Yeah, me too. You are going to see progress and huge shifts in your business when we connect and tackle your to-do list that you've been putting off.



Want a second set of eyes on your business funnel, social media accounts, website, etc.? Let's see what's working and what we can improve on.


Voxer Communications

Audio app for "walkie talkie" like communications.



Have questions about your bridal business that you want to ask in a more private setting? This is a great opportunity to ask away! 



Jodi will be announcing when she has a Bridal Trade Inner Circle day available. This offer will not be available all the time, so take advantage when it is!

You ONLY pay $47* for the day and gain access. You commit to one day at a time. 

Jodi will be (*loosely) available from 6am PST - 6pm PST for communications and to share feedback on anything you're working on. This is your time to ask all of your questions as well. *I say loosely available because there will be multiple people in the Inner Circle, so I will be getting back to everyone's messages as quickly as I can. Please be patient with me. If you want to book a one-on-one call, you can email me at A one-hour one-on-one call is currently $197*. This might be a good option for you if you want quick direct feedback. The Inner Circle is great to ask questions, gain feedback and make adjustments to your business throughout the day. The Inner Circle is a more affordable option since you will be sharing the time.

Limited spots available! 

*Pricing subject to change.

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